Sunday, January 11, 2009

The exciting and glamorus life of Jack and Mandy

Yep... this is what we do for fun in the evening. Don't be too jealous.

Enjoy - this is "Maggie catch."

By the way, when I was watching this a second ago, Maggie jumped out of her bed when she heard her toy squeak, and has been going crazy since. She's still up and looking up at us, wondering why we won't give her the toy that she just heard "us" squeak.


The Thompson's said...

What FUN!!! dogs are just the greates right?

Jamie McLaughlin said...

ok that was a really cute video the first time but then Corwin made me play it three more times. That is 12 minutes of fetch and four "I'm going to go brush my teeth now" s

Mandy and Jack said...

Haha that's funny about Corwin. Sorry you had to sit through it four times!!