Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goin' to the chapel...

Since the Facebook Nazis removed this from Facebook, I'm going to post it here instead. Ha!

This is us getting ready for the wedding. Not a great video, now that I watch it again, but hey, whatever. I'm working on getting the ceremony up on youtube too (if anybody cares about that, and I definitely don't expect anybody to).

Update: Apparently there are youtube nazis too (actually it's Warner Music Group that's the nazi). I own a license to this song! I should be able to use this for my own video, for goodness sake! How stupid.

Let me just say that I never ever ever steal music or any other intellectual property. That's right, I never download music illegally. I just don't. I believe it's stealing. So when I use a song in a video, let it go, for goodness sake. I'm not the one you should be worrying about. Plus, this really should be covered under Fair Use. It's streaming, for crying out loud!

Does anybody have a nice singing voice that can record "Goin' to the Chapel" for me so I don't get hit with copyright stuff from WMG? I'd just love to still put this video up [with that song in the background]... just because I should be able to. If I'm not using their recording they shouldn't be able to remove it.

Anyway, there's a way to replace the audio and I found an approved song that doesn't suck, but it's erroring out. I'll try again later.

Updated again: Okay, here's the new one (obviously my song was better):