Monday, January 5, 2009

Not me Monday!

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I did not find a way to avoid hanging up all my clean laundry (which is not 3 basketfuls, by the way) and getting my winter clothes down from my top “storage” rack in my closet during the 10 days I was off during the last 2 weeks.

I did not glaze over and tune Jack out when he started talking about our [his] financial goals for 2009, just as I never do when he talks about financial stuff.

I did not have people over for New Years Eve just to get rid of some champagne that had been in our fridge for several years. (Well, I really didn’t have them over just for that).

I did not semi-look forward to the vacation ending because my husband and I were not grumpy toward one another by the time we’d spent ten days together. We always cherish every second we have together and would never wish for more time apart.

I did not spend several hours making cards while my husband took down our Christmas tree by himself.

I did not blog New Years resolutions (and it was not for lack of a better thing to blog) even though I hate New Years Resolutions.

I was not sad to see the Christmas stuff go down, not because it meant Christmas was over, but because it meant we had a not-as-pretty, undecorated house.

I absolutely did not have a dream about Mckmama the other night, in which I flew to her house to meet her and found out she was a black belt who knew (and used to spar) Jack. I am not so fascinated with Mckmama that I would actually dream about her. That would be stalkerish.

What did you not do today?


kay said...

I hate New Year's resolutions too, and yet I always make them!

Great Not Me's!