Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday!! Check out for way better blog entries than mine.

I was not a little heartbroken when I saw this picture because the same group that was at this wedding was the group that completely trashed our getaway vehicle, and instead of "Just Married" on the back, like I'd always pictured and dreamed about, I got "Bang that drum, Boom boom boom." That does not still make me sad when I think about it. It's been a year, for crying out loud. Plus I am happy for that bride (I actually am happy for that bride, who was beautiful by the way, and definitely deserved a beautiful getaway car too).

I do not love Taylor Swift despite out-of-tune live performances, even though I completely hate Rascall Flatts for that.

Tonight, for dinner, I did not have Fritos and bean dip, an orange, and the rest of the pickles that were in the jar. I eat far-more balanced meals than that!!

I have not had baskets of clean laundry sitting on my closet floor for weeks, and I do not grab something out of one of them each morning rather than hanging them up.

I did not make another baby cry on Sunday, when his mother was nice enough to let me hold him. I am not beginning to think that all babies hate me.

I do not time my workouts to coordinate with prime-time television shows. I do not need an interesting TV show to help me forget that I'm actually working out.

I did not put the ladder in my closet to get up to the top to get a dress, discover that there were too many baskets of clean laundry on the floor to open it, and then just decide to lean it up against the lower racks of clothes and do a kind of balancing act to get up to the top of the closet. I would never do something that dangerous!

What did you not do today?


Lorina said...

I NEVER leave clean laundry in baskets and live out of them for weeks!

blueviolet said...

You made me a little misty for you about your getaway car....I'm sorry.

Mandy and Jack said...

Aww I shouldn't be complaining. It was a perfect wedding, really. But thanks for your compassion! :)

Alicia said...

Your laundry sounds like mine...except most of the time they dont even make it in the basket.

pam said...

I can just imagine the ladder escapade. Good luck with the ever growing pile of laundry.

Jamie McLaughlin said...

haha before I got pregnant with Tara I did not go to the gym everyday just to be able to watch The View while the kids were in the childcare center. (man I really miss that)

Keyona said...

I'm pretty sure there is a basket of clean clothes sitting in my living room that have been there since BEFORE the New Year.