Friday, January 9, 2009

Potbelly Sandwich Works

Jack and I have LOVED Potbelly Sandwiches since the first time we had them, which was last year when I started working here. There's a Potbelly really close to here, so my co-workers and I go to lunch there a lot. Here are some great things about it:
  • Cheap but really good food - sandwiches are all $5
  • Really friendly employees
  • Live music at some locations, which is kind of cool
  • Yummy shakes and malts, if you're into that kind of thing
  • Online ordering so you can just walk right up to the counter and pick up your food instead of waiting in line like all those other suckers.
Today, when we picked up our lunch, we failed to count sandwiches before we left, so lo and behold, mine was missing. I headed back up there and told them I had been missing my sandwich, and the girl working was like "I'm so sorry! It's right here! I've never messed up an order before!" And then she gave me two free sandwich coupons. It was awesome.

You are forgiven, Potbelly. You are forgiven.