Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sketch Book

This was a fun weekend project!

I LOVE Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. Unless I get into some serious financial trouble, I'm pretty sure I will always have a subscription to this one. I save all of them, because they're awesome for ideas and scrap-lifting. I especially like their "Made in Minutes" section, in which they have really easy-to-put-together layouts. The problem is, I have so many magazines at this point (3 years' worth), that it's hard to decide which to grab when I want some inspiration.

One of the cool things they do in the magazine is show sketches of the layouts they've designed. This weekend, my project was to organize my favorite sketches into a notebook that I could easily reference when I needed inspiration.

I got this notebook at Target. The thing I liked about it was that it has dividers, so I could organize the sketches by number of pictures in the layout. It also has pockets, where I can keep extra cut-outs from the magazine that I'd like to reference or sketches that I haven't had a chance to adhere to the page yet.

I started by going through each magazine and cutting out the sketches that I liked, organizing them by number of photos per layout. I also labeled them with the page number and magazine issue so that I could look at the original page in the magazine.

This part is optional - I also embellished the front and back of the notebook. I figured since I would be looking at it all the time while I was scrapbooking, it might as well be pretty and make me feel creative.

Then, I simply adhered the cut-out sketches to the notebook pages in order of number of photos on the page, adding any extra notes about the layout (I added a "+" for layouts with bigger-than-4x6-pictures on them and a "*" for my favorite layouts).

...and Viola! I have an easy-to-reference, easy-to-keep-up-with notebook, so I don't always have to come up with my own layouts or thumb through a ton of back-issues of my magazines!


Ginny said...

That is my favorite mag as well, a big part is the sketches!