Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tonight during game time at AWANA, Mr. Keith (game director) had the kids from my team (green team) and the red team line up along a big rope, which was outstretched diagonally across the game square, to start a game of tug-of-war.

I was pumped. I was coaching the kids and cheering them on as they picked up the rope.

"You've SO got this! That red team is going DOWN! Look at 'em, all weak and scrawny over there," I told them [okay, I didn't really say that]. I was all excited about the victory we would surely be celebrating soon after my team kicked red-team-butt [and we also don't say "butt" in AWANA].

As they wiggled and pulled on the rope while they waited for the game to start, Keith was having trouble lining up the center flag with the center of the floor, and so he asked them to give him a little slack in the rope.

Being 8-years-old and excited, they let up a little, but for the most part, they kept tugging.

"Guys, you need to stop pulling," I told them, calmly.

They continued to pull and Keith continued to struggle.

"GREEN TEAM!" I said, more forcefully. "Stop pulling now!"

Just then, Keith must have gotten the center where he wanted, because just as I said "stop pulling now," he said "GO!"

The red team heard this signal to start and suddenly yanked the rope. As if in slow motion, my very obedient team (who was now hanging loosely onto the rope without pulling at all) was jerked forward, all ten of them of them face-planting simultaneously. It was surreal to watch ten kids unexpectedly completely eat it, landing in a huge heap.

Slowly, they untangled themselves from each other and the floor, moaning and rubbing their faces, which had just been slammed onto the floor. After I saw that they were all just fine, I had a really good laugh with the other leaders.

I made ten 8-year-old children simultaneously face-plant today. What did you accomplish today?


The Thompson's said...

That is HI LA RI OUS!!! I mean I would certainly not laugh at the expense of a child (especially in AWANAS). But since they didnt get hurt....... BWWAAAHHAAAHHHAAHHAA.

My daughter is an AWANA and that tug of war thing was priceless.

Have a great weekend!!

Sarah D said...

Great description! I cringe everytime Mr. Keith introduces that team isn't a whole lot stronger.