Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Blogs by Mandy Contest

Congratulations, Courtney! You won the discounted blog makeover!!

If you missed this opportunity, don't worry! I'll still accept blog orders for a discounted rate of $40 instead of $50 for a complete blog re-design! "Sale" ends at midnight. E-mail me now!

Check out my portfolio and why I'm doing this here!


I'm $32 away from $300 on my Bike MS fundraising quest. As an incentive to have you donate and get me up to that beautiful round number, the first person to e-mail me with an "I'm in!" gets a total blog re-design (banner, backgrounds, columns, and blog button, all customized for you) for the $32 instead of the usual $50. Ready... GO!


Jamie McLaughlin said...

k emailed you. now off to figure out what to do next