Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Cute! Totally Relateable! And made me so glad I'm not still out there!! (Sorry, single ladies!) Kind of makes being girl seem like hard work.

Oh, but one thing really annoyed me about it - there was a section called "if she's not sleeping with you [she's not into you]," followed by a guy ranting about girls who won't give it up and how terrible that is, and how to find out early [that they're not going to sleep with you] so you don't "waste your time on them." Bah! If that's true then I really wasn't into Jack for the five years we dated. Maybe the section should have been called "if she's not sleeping with you, but she's sleeping with a bunch of other guys like a big prostitute, she's not into you." Anyway, that's the end of my rant.


So when we got out of the movie, there was an actual tornado warning going on. I was with Ashley H. and Christelle. Christelle had left Rylan (her 12-week-old baby) at home, and he needed to be fed soon. But we were standing in the lobby with a bunch of other people, looking at a SHEET of rain. It was insane.

Finally, Christelle decided that her son's well-being was more important than her dryness/not being swept away in a tornado-ness, and so she ran out towards her car. Ashley and I were standing under the overhang, also getting ready to also run to our cars, watching Christelle run out into the torrential downpour. Suddenly, she stopped, looked down at something, then turned around to us and yelled something distinguishable to us about losing something.

"What?" we yelled back.

"I lost my flubs aiosdag wetoq!!!" she yelled, and began to walk in circles, bent over, searching the ground for something as the strong winds forced the buckets of rain sideways.

Ashley and I busted out in laughter, watching Christelle in this ridiculous scenario, getting completely soaked as she ran around the front of the theater, bent over and looking a lot like Ellen's blindfolded musical chairs contestant, searching for her invisible item. She continued this obscure behavior until Ashley and I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. I guess she finally gave up, because I found out later that she had been looking for the back of her phone and never found it. That part was sad, but watching her get soaked looking for it was the hardest I've laughed in a while.


Alicia said...

Thats funny about her getting soaked...not losing the back of her phone! Yeah that weather you had last night is coming here today! Have a great day!

The Thompson's said...

That was pretty funny! Im with you on the other thing. Carey was a virgin when we wed so from 1997 when we met to 2001 when we wed, we never slept together. Let me tell ya, she was SOOOOO into me! Well at least I thing she was? JK

Theres some proof to back up your opinion on the matter. YOUR RIGHT!! I guess thats why its just a movie.

Love and Prayers,


Jacky said...

Oh, rain like that is never fun...I've had my share of running around in the rain, and I do not like it! =)

Also, I've never slept with my boyfriend, but I'm totally into him! I love him very dearly. Purity doesn't mean you're not into someone! =)

didlake said...

Nah! You don't post too much. The moment you two have kids, I might steer clear of the site. Underwear is underwear, regardless of who dons it.

Jaymie said...

omg that is too funny! loved the clip, I actually laughed out loud!

Courtney and the Boys said...

You're such a good friend to laugh at her like that... :) Heck, I was laughing sitting here on my sofa just reading about it. I can't imagine witnessing it!

...and I'm so glad I can claim that my hubby is my only "partner" in life, and I'm his. I'm so glad we waited!