Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me? Win something!?

So I registered for the Canon Raffle-Raiser over at A Sister for the Bean, and actually won the camera strap for linking to her blog!!! WOW! I never win anything!

The Cotton Candy by Natalie camera straps I had to choose from were so awesome! If you're in the market, these are great! I finally settled on the Avocado Damask pattern. Check them out!

Also, speaking of winners...

Remember this picture?

And the winner of the name that photo contest is:

Jaymie from And Charlotte Makes Three with "She said we were going for a walk! This was SO not what I was thinking!"

And while I did NOT lie to my dog about where we were going, it does match the look on her face! Congratulations, Jaymie! E-mail me at and I'll get you all set up with a brand-spanking-new blog button!

A close second (who even got a vote from Tiffany!) was Courtney, with "PLEASE don't post this on your blog, Mommy...please! This will totally ruin my reputation!"

I also REALLY liked Amanda's "Soggy Doggy."

And now... it's time for a bike ride.


Amanda said...

oh, I wasn't entering, but thanks :) Congrats on the new camera strap!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Ha ha that is priceless, my poor pups have the same look when it's bath time.

Shane said...

Those captions are boring. Something about domestic violence would have been way more fun.

Jaymie said...

Thanks so much, my new blog button is awesome! Better than I ever expected! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!