Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Update - I did not just forget to link to MckMama's blog in this post until now because I write these little by little throughout the week.

On Tuesday night, I definitely did not eat lima beans that had been sitting out all night AND all day. And while we're on the subject of things I didn't eat, I might as well throw in a kolache that had been out all day at work too.

I also did NOT grab the dry-clean-only (translated: never get cleaned) slacks that had been crumpled in the corner of my closet (for months) off the floor one day this week, douse them with Downy wrinkle release, and throw them in the dryer for a while so I could wear them to work. They did NOT come out of the dryer looking WAY better than they would have if I had ironed them. I'm not terrible at ironing anything having to do with laundry.

My friend Christelle did not run around in the middle of a tornado/downpour like a lunatic looking for the back of her phone after our movie. My friend Ashley and I did not simply stay under the overhang (safe and dry) and laugh hysterically at our friend rather than running out to help her find it.

I did not wait until the last minute to start a big project at work, then panic because there was too much to do on it before the deadline. I am not looking forward to having another editor around here.

I absolutely did not, even for a second, consider buying some of the on-sale cloth diapers Tiffany mentioned on her blog on Thursday so I could stock up on them over time because they're so expensive. That would be completely insane because 1) I don't have children now or plans to have children any time soon and 2) I don't even know if I'll want to cloth diaper when I do! The tree-huggers (read: Tiffany, MckMama, and BabyRabies) are messing with my brain, I'm telling you. ;-)

I was not offended by the part of "He's Just not that into you" when they claimed that if a girl's not sleeping with a guy, she's not into him. I did not write TWO ranting blog entries as a result.

I did not skip training for BikeMS every stinking day last week because there were more fun things to do.

My husband and I did not travel 215 miles for Valentine's weekend to go to a concert, and then on the night of the event, decide we were too tired and just go to bed instead. We are not old and married.

What did you not do this week?


Jacky said...

Mandy, I have to agree with you; sometimes I think I should buy baby stuff when it's on sale (or being given away) just so I'll have it for future years...I don't think I've actually done it yet, though. I might when I get married. =)

Wayne said...

Great not me! Mondays I thought your not me's was very amusing keep em coming

Tanya said...

I never bought baby things before I had babies either, noy me!