Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All I want for my birthday... for you to donate to the National MS Society for my Bike MS ride!

Well, that, and a Canon Rebel DSLR. But maybe I can win that from Ellyn.

Mostly, it's the MS thing.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Is today your birthday???? Happy birthday if it is!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Canon Rebel...did you know I won that exact same camera back in December, I have that Crumpler bag, and I have a strap from VM Jess? That is one great giveaway right there!!! (For a great cause, too)


El said...

Done! Happy Birthday!

Heather Marie said...

I loooooove my DSLR! You gotta get one! I have an Olympus E-520 and it takes some damn good pictures!

Happy Birthday by the way!