Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bride Wars

Cute, and worth my $0.75 at the dollar theater, but most of the funny stuff is in the previews. Probably a good renter-movie if you're bored.


Cortney said...

I totally agree. I saw everything good in the previews, but I think I paid 8 bucks for it!

Heather Marie said...

Heard it was ok....looked like it would be funny...but I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD!

I was wondering, if you had time, if you could add that picture of David and Me to my blog header? Also, could you change that solo picture of Latte on the right to the picture of her on my post before the one with the picture of me and David? I would appreciate it! You can take your time...there is no rush! :)

Thanks Mandy!!!!