Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's baby shower day!!!

They don't know if they're having a boy or a girl, so we did a "What will it Bee?" baby shower!

I had so much fun making the diaper cake! I learned how to make the baby sock roses here and the big letter "B" is for their last name (and the bee theme) - I just bought a wooden letter at a craft store and painted it, then added magnets on the back so it would be useful after the diaper cake was taken apart later!

Rolling plastic-ware in napkins and tying a ribbon around each one adds a little extra special touch!

These were inexpensive metal tins that I embellished with black ribbon and the pre-made wooden bee. I used them for the sour cream, pico, guacamole, etc. for our fajitas! (But added clear plastic cups inside so the acid in the salsa wouldn't react with the metal)

Yes, it was a success!


Nelle said...

Wow everything looks so nice! You are really creative...I so love the diaper cake.

Cher said...

What a cute idea for a baby shower! Love it! That diaper cake is AMAZING. Way to go!

Guest said...

Where did you get those cute bees

Mandy said...

Hobby Lobby! Originally they didn't have the black ribbon on them or the
wire; I added those parts. But other than that, they were already like that!

celeste said...

hobby lobby doesn t seem to have the bees HELP Those are so cute My baby shower needs them