Saturday, March 14, 2009

My very first Vegas gamble

Today, Jack and I were walking around the hotel, killing some time before our friends picked us up for dinner at Hofbrauhaus. As we walked through the casino, I mentioned to Jack that I've never played a slot machine (or anything in Vegas, now that I think about it). We stopped walking and approached the nearest slot machine, a penny machine. I dug through my purse and grabbed a dollar-bill, and stuck it into the bill acceptor.

A bunch of buttons lit up.

"Which one am I supposed to push?" I asked Jack, confused.

He vaguely explained the differences between one-line and more than one line slots, so I pushed the 15-line button and pressed "go."

The machine lit up and came to life, and a bunch of confusing stuff happened on the screen. All of the sudden, it announced that I had won a "bonus spin." I pushed one more button, and it spent the next minute or two doing crazy stuff on the screen, without any help from me at all.

It appeared as if I had magically earned a few credits, so when the "cash out" button finally lit up, I pushed it.

A ticket printed. I busted out laughing as I read $17.75 on it. Jack couldn't believe his eyes. One dollar, two minutes, three random button pushes, and $16.75 profit.

I think I'm good now. I've done Vegas.