Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

MckMama! MckMama MckMama MckMama!! Yaaaaay, MckMama!! Seriously. MckMama.

And while I'm at it, Ellyn. I'm sure MckMama won't mind that shout-out here too.


This week, oh man, I definitely did not do this. Gross. And if I had, I wouldn't have blogged about it.

My husband did not kick butt at the taekwondo tournament this weekend in Houston (1st in forms, 1st in weapons, 3rd in sparring). On top of that, his school did not win school of the year. He's not ranked in the top 5 in the world in two categories. And I'm not just adding this to the not-me list because I like to brag on him.

I did not talk myself out of buying several articles of clothing that I liked over the course of a shopping trip because I thought "that's taking away $xx.xx from the MckCruise fund."

On my way back from Brittany's house in south Houston to the taekwondo tournament in north Houston, I did not set my GPS to go back to the tournament waypoint I had set before I left, then still not end up where I needed to be. Turns out, I did not set the GPS's waypoint at the tournament before it found the satellites and therefore it did not take me to the last place it remembered being (the hotel).

I did not just realize tonight that this weekend, I have 50 people coming to my house for a baby shower, and SO many things to do before this can happen. I also do not have a bunch of blog orders coming in for Blogs for a Cause and I'm not trying to strategize a way to get it all done. [That being said, I WILL definately take more!]

There are probably lots of other things I did not do this week, but I'm sleepy from traveling this weekend, cleaning, and designing Courtney's blog header. Happy Monday. See you on the cruise! Right?


Natalie said...

Great List.
Wish I could join the MckCruise but Germany is sort of too far away ;-)

Amanda said...

oh goodness Mandy! Your Maggie story made me laugh and cringe for you all at the same time! Maybe you could crate maggie when you're gone? Or baby gate her in a tiled area. I know it doesn't sound nice, but if she pees, she has to sit in it herself and you don't have to. Our whole apartment would be yellow (and our furniture gone to splinters) if we didn't crate Apollo.

Alicia said...

Congratulations Jack!

Great Not Me's! I hope you get everything are a busy woman!

El said...

Yes. You definitely don't have enough to need to be busier! Good luck getting ready for the baby shower!!

Shelley said...

Still laughing about the skirt incident! Oh boy!

Good luck with the HUGE shower! Just make sure you take a twirl in front of the mirror before your guests arrive...wouldn't want another repeat of last weeks wardrobe malfunction!