Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

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I am not posting this from my phone at 7 in the freaking morning at the airport. Ugh.

I did NOT get only 3 hours of sleep last night because Jack and I played in Vegas until 2am. That would be irresponsible when we knew we had an early flight.

On the way to the airport on Thursday night, I did not eat an entire super-sized meal (minus the drink), plus an apple pie at MckDonalds (yes, I realize that's not really how to spell it). Gross. If I had, I DEFINITELY wouldn't have eaten even more on the plane just because we were in first class and it was free.

I did NOT decide I was pretty much done with Vegas by day 2. I did not grow tired of all the icky (and stupid!) people on the strip.

I did NOT forget to put my memory card back in my camera before Saturday's Vegas outting and therefore have to take pictures on my phone all day.

I am NOT sitting near one of the most ANNOYING teenagers in the world at the airport. I am NOT thinking about punching her in the face if she doesn't SHUT UP!!!

I think that's it for now. What did you NOT do today?


Update - I did NOT trade a first class seat for a coach seat so I could sit by my husband while he slept the entire. flight. home.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh no!!!!! You should have stayed in first class...are you crazy??????

Welcome home, girl, and head over to my blog and help me out by voting for Lane (it's a one and done thing and only takes a few seconds...thanks!).

Chris said...

She's tiny. The extra space in first class is wasted on her.

amanda said...

i so lol at the comment about the teenager. sometimes i see them and think...was i really like that too??!

Heather Marie said...

LOL!! You crack me up!!!