Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tonight at AWANA, Sarah's husband, Owen, came to visit and lead a council time for the kids. Tiffany introduced him to the kids at the beginning of AWANA, explaining that he went to DTS.

"Does anybody know what DTS is?" she asked the kids.

Someone finally answered that it stood for "Dallas Theological Seminary."

"And does anybody know what a 'seminary' is?" she followed up.

A couple hands went up, and she called on a little girl.

"It's where people go when they die," she answered.

Owen just about died laughing.

"Yep... that's about right," Owen agreed.

I think the word she was looking for there was cemetery.


didlake said...

That is awesome - and too bad it's actually quite accurate!

Chris said... might want to re-visit the title of this post...

Sarah D said...

Great re-telling as usual. It was definitely the highlight of the night for Owen. He misses working in AWANA so badly...he'll probably join our ranks next year!

Jamie McLaughlin said...

haha the title is um misspelled a little.