Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spread the blog love

This was way too cool of an idea not to do. Generally I'm not all that interested in "blog awards" and links to others inside a blog award, but I think Marta's blog hunt is a fabulous idea, so I decided to play along this time. If you want to, copy it and put in your own favorites.

Link a blogger who...

has an online shop: Shayna @ Didlake Designs
takes fantastic photographs: Rachel Brooke 
has a new baby: Jenn @ Maybe if you just relax. She is absolutely hilarious.
has flawless taste: Jessica Turner
is unique: Ajax, my brother's dog
has admirable qualities: Angie @ Bring the Rain
crafts up a storm: Deborah @ Megan Lock Designs
is an artist: Gitzen Girl
is intriguing: Jenny @ Tale of Two Coins
you've bookmarked: Didlake Running Wild
lives far away: Natalie @ I will praise Him
is an old favorite: The Phippsonian Chronicle
is creative: Cassandra @ The New Crawford
features fabulous ideas: Amanda @ Putting Down Roots
features loveliness: Ellyn @ Profoundly Seth
features pretty products: Bellaziza
features fantasticness: Baby Rabies
features weddings: Well, Tiesha is getting married.
writes about life: Tiffany @ One Amazing Blog
is a daily must see: MckMama
tells great stories: Megan @ Counting My Blessings
is funny: Suburban Turmoil
is a designer: Rachael @ Creations by Rachael
you are inspired by: Owen
recently added to bloglines: I don't know what that is
gives fabulous tips: Tip Junkie


Tim said...

You dislike that just like I dislike being tagged. I do like this just as you do, very informative about your tastes!

Hope all is well with you guys.

Love and Prayers,


Amanda said...

:) thanks Mandy!

Natalie said...

Thanks Mandy...

I'd love to do this too, but I don't know enough bloggers yet ;-)