Thursday, March 5, 2009

We got 'em today!

...and Maggie didn't like them!

So Ellyn included a request with her super-awesome Let Seth Hear bracelets that I got in the mail today to send her a picture of me or my kids wearing them.

Well, my "kid" didn't like them too terribly much, especially since I was trying so many different ways to actually put them on her... She's not growling in this picture - she was just licking her chops. :)

Trying to get it to stay on her while awkwardly holding mine up for the self-timed camera on the table across the room. I know. I need friends.

She didn't like me putting it on her arm either. she took it off...

Ahhh! Finally! She likes it when it's wrapped around her favorite toy!

Okay, El, I think I'll just take a picture of Jack and me wearing them when he gets home later. The dog isn't a great model. (And by the way - I'm glad you like my street address! You should see it in person! In fact, DO THAT!)

To get your own Seth bracelets to torture your dog with, visit and read about my incredible friend and her beautiful little family.


El said...

Maggie is adorable, and so are you!