Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A year later, the wedding registry items I like the best

It's been a good year for Jack and me. We learned how to live together. He learned how to consistently clean up after himself, and I sort of learned how to cook. We're still learning a lot about marriage and communication, but so far we're enjoying being married. It was a good first year.

This post doesn't have much to do with marriage, though. Who wants to hear the sappy stuff about our marriage, when you can read a post about all the stuff you get when you get married!? 

I wanted to make a little list for my hundreds tens of readers to know what we've benefitted from most from our gift registry, so maybe you can get a useful gift for someone else or register for the right thing if you're registering for a wedding yourself. 

Here's my top ten eleven registry items, a year later:
  1. My serving platters. I love them so much!! I remember that we got them from Suzie Swank, my friend from College Station, because when I opened them, I thought "what a perfect gift from Suzie Swank!" She's THE most elegant entertainer I know, Martha Stewart included (not that I know Martha). I also like all the other stuff that compliments them, like the multi-server and different-sized serving bowls, as well as the Corningware. It's all very, very good for entertaining.
  2. Our dual-controlled micro-plush electric blanket. We actually didn't receive this one as a wedding gift, but we had registered for it, and it's the first thing we bought with our gift cards after the wedding. It has been AMAZING, especially in our super-cold room. Totally worth the $100.
  3. Our KitchenAid 4-piece prep bowl set. Angela gave us these and we always think about her when we use them. These are fantastic. I use them mostly for food storage, because the lids are SO tight. They're great.
  4. Our super-awesome coffee maker that you can preset to brew automatically. We love getting up to already-made coffee!
  5. My electric fondue pot. Amazing. And always a hit for parties.
  6. The toastation! It's a toaster oven AND a regular toaster. In one. Sometimes the toast isn't all that even, but whatever. It's both a toaster and an oven. I love it.
  7. My over-the-door ironing board. Anybody who knows me knows I don't iron or do laundry very often, but when I do, this baby is nice pop out and put away. While I'm at it, I love the retractable cord on my iron
  8. Henckels Professional "S" 6" Utility Knife. This is the knife I use most often and it's fantastic.
  9. My set of 3 stacking measuring cups, kind of like these. Very handy.
  10. My dustbuster. I use it all the time. I also love my super-fancy upright vacuum. My grandma gave us both of those (as well as the GPS, which I also love.).
  11. My digital meat thermometer that you can put in the oven - it beeps when the meat's done! Just don't use it on the grill, because you'll burn it up. Oops.
Here are our original Target and Bed Bath & Beyond registries, if you care. If you have any questions about what we think about the stuff we got before you buy it, feel free to ask. You know how much I love telling you my opinion, solicited or otherwise!


Jacky said...

Cool! Happy anniversary, guys! =)

Jacky said...

And Jack is like the coolest guy ever for that anniversary fun!

*sara* said...

I love our electric blanket too! I can crank my side up to 5 and my hubby...well, I don't even think his side is plugged in! lol It's the best gift ever!