Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maggie is 6(ish)!

Today is Maggie's birthday! 

Well, maybe it is. But probably not.

Actually today is the 3rd anniversary of the day I adopted her, so that's pretty much the only birthday I know for her. When I adopted this super-skinny, super-timid little thing on April 8, 2006, they told me that she was "probably 3 or 4 years old," and I opted for 3 so she'll live longer. Yep - if I believe she's younger, she is. Because I'm the blog author and I say so.

Maggie's a pretty good dog, aside from the urinating on essential items, eating our lunch or dinner, keeping us up all night, or making a mess in our house with all her toys. Man, after reviewing all those reasons she's a bad dog, she doesn't seem so great after all.

But we still love her. 

She's completely irresistible when she sits up on her little back legs, wanting somebody to pet her, and she's perfected the "I want to play" noise when we're sitting on the couch watching TV (or, you know, asleep at 4 a.m.). Plus, sometimes, sometimes, she actually goes outside to go to the bathroom instead of using the carpet, so I consider myself super-lucky.

Earlier this week, I told Jack that today would be her "birthday" and asked him what he would like to to do celebrate it. He just stared at me.

"Um, she's a dog," he said slowly, wondering if he would get in irrational-girl-trouble for his completely logical answer. "So... nothing."

"But it's her birthday!" I replied, the thought of possibly throwing my dog a birthday party making perfect sense to me.

"Um, okay," Jack said, thinking hard for a way to appease his crazy wife. "Why don't you just...give her an extra bone on Wednesday then?" 

And this morning, an extra bone it was.

Because it's crazy to throw your dog a birthday party. Right?

Happy birthday, silly dog! You can't read (or use a computer, for that matter), so addressing you in this post makes no sense at all. But maybe I'll print it out later and let you chew on it as a special treat.

Then again, you'd probably rather eat toilet paper and other stuff we don't want you dragging out of the bathroom trash can into the living room.


Nelle said...

My dog Duffy was 3 in January. I got him a toy and milk bones and hubby thought I was silly. Then we learned our neighbor actually bought and gave her dog a small cake. YIKES! Happy Birthday Maggie.

Amanda said...

she also can't do a backflip. I don't want to sound all nit-picky but yeah... ;)

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Maggie ;-)

Toni gets Christmas and Birthday gifts... Hubby thinks I've lost my mind...