Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nobody will be saying "April Fools!" today in the Hornbuckle house

I don’t know if you know this or not, but there are no Braums stores south of Corsicana. This means that I was forced to live in a Braums-free town all four years at Texas A&M in College Station. My college friend Brittany and I adore Braums, not for their grimy stores or obviously unhappy employees, but for their tasty and very cheap ice cream (seriously, how do they not have a Braums in every college town? It’s so cheap! But I digress.)

On March 31, 2007, after dinner, Brittany and I were discussing this terrible situation we’re in, and decided to drive the four hours to and from Corsicana for Braums ice cream. Sure, the $25 tank of gas definitely cancels out the cheapness of the Braums ice cream, but sometimes the stupid stuff you do is just about the experience. After a few phone calls to my new fiancée, Jack (we’d just gotten engaged two weeks before), we had an address and store hours for the Corsicana Braums and were on our way.

The employees were rude, the store was dirty, and they were not happy that we walked in right before they closed, but the ice cream made all of that okay. Maybe ice cream just tastes better when you drive four hours to get it; I’m not sure.

On the way home, we were discussing the fact that Jack was totally paranoid about me losing my new engagement ring. He hated it when I took it off for any reason, and I did play with it often, which made him very nervous. A guy spends a couple thousand on a tiny object that could fall down any number of drains or holes at any moment, and for some reason he’s a basket-case about it. Go figure.

I looked at the clock. It was past midnight and we were almost back to College Station.

“You know,” I thought out loud to Brittany, “it’s April Fool’s Day now, and we could probably play a little prank on Jack…” Brittany and I agreed that this was a marvelous idea and I dialed his number.

“Hey, are you back yet?” he answered, a little annoyed that we went in the first place, being Mr. Practical.

“Well, not exactly,” I stammered. “We’re actually on our way back to Corsicana right now.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, I think I left my engagement ring at Braums. They were closing when we left but we’re hoping that someone will be there to open the doors so we can look for it.”

Jack is silent. Brittany is giggling and trying not to make any noise. Finally, he speaks.

“Are you serious?” he asks, in a low monotone.

“Um, yeah,” I answered, obviously not knowing when to stop. “But I think we’ll find it. It might not be a big deal.”

Another pause, then anger.

“Well, WHY DID YOU TAKE IT OFF!?” he asked, his voice rising.

“Well,” I said “I was just showing Brittany, and… um… okay. I was just kidding. April Fools!”


“That wasn’t funny,” he said.

After many apologies, I hung up the phone and Brittany and I decided that I may or may not still be getting married the next spring (he still married me). He laughs about it now, but I think that little practical joke pretty much ended the April Fools Day tradition for us.


Natalie said...

Hubby would've killed me ;-)

Cortney said...

Haha! That is really funny!