Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog Tip of the day - Subscribing to only a certain category in your reader

Note: If you don't know what RSS Feeds or RSS readers are, check out this post by Tip Junkie and it will help you figure it out!


Okay, so this isn't a blog design tip, and the instructions here for wordpress blogs and here for blogger blogs (so I'm not actually giving you any new information), but I thought I'd tell you about this in case you may find it useful like I do.

The reason I was looking for category-specific feeds is because of my new venture in couponing. I love the blogs that help me out, but some of them have stores that I don't have in my area, like Rite Aide or Publix. 

If I really just want to get an update on Kroger's deals every week from Southern Savers, I can just subscribe to their Kroger category feed in my RSS Reader and I don't have to sort through the rest! Awesome! 

If you only read my blog for my crafting entries, you can do the same thing with my "crafting" category feed. Not that I want you not to read every single entry I write, but if you don't read them anyway, why should you have to sort them yourself? 

You can also do this with blogs with multiple authors!

Hope that helps you!


Anonymous said...

Awesome~I love saving money through couponing! Also check out, they have weekly listings of what coupons you can use at which stores and where to find the coupons. John and I have saved a ton of money over the last few years using coupons! Great post, thanks for sharing the sites you like!

Love your blog, it stood out with me because my name is also Mandy and I love crafting, too! :)

Mandy ~