Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farewell, facebook friends

Finally! My favorite, familiar friends on Facebook are my only friends on Facebook. Flippin' Fabulous. Freakin' Fantastic!

Okay, enough alliteration. (For now.)

Yesterday, it was time to clean house again on Facebook. It's just something I do every so often. I ended up de-friending 50 Facebook "friends" that I don't actually "know." (And by "know" I mean really know or ever have the intention of talking to again. I technically "know" them, I guess.) Here's how the twittering went while I was cleaning house:
  1. If you were too popular to talk to me in high school, it's time to unfriend you.
  2. If your feed updates are always annoying or your profile pics always scary, it's time to unfriend you.
  3. If I have to click on your name or profile picture to figure out who you are, it's time to unfriend you.
  4. If you're friends with my husband, but we still haven't met, it's time to unfriend you.
  5. If I sat next to you in one class my freshmen year in college and haven't seen you since, it's time to unfriend you.
  6. If your new last name confuses me every time I see it on the feed, it's time to unfriend you.
  7. If I never liked you when I knew you in real life, it's time to unfriend you.
  8. If you're on my friends list & I don't remember if I know you from high school or college, it's time to unfriend you.
My guess is that these people I de-friended will never notice the difference. The truth is, these aren't real relationships. It's a waste of time. I could keep them as a tick mark on my "friend list," but that's all it would be. It's superficial. And I don't care for superficial things.

Do you think that's fair? Are you offended when people unfriend you? Do you even notice?


Jamie McLaughlin said...

I just hide the people I am not really interested in getting updates from. But then I have far fewer friends than you do.

El said...

All I want to know is if you unfriended me. When you were tweeting all those yesterday, I almost tweeted you back and said "MANDY! Just tell me if I'm on your unfriend list and don't keep me in suspense!" But I was cooking, so I didn't.

Heather Marie said...

Would you be my friend on Facebook?? lol

Shane said...

I once sacrificed many of my facebook friends, including you, for a free Whopper. And I'd do it again.

didlake said...

I think it's savage - but it's realistic. In "the real world," if you don't interact with someone - ever - then you can be called "friends" or "acquaintances," but those people must do work to gain entry back into your life. Not f'book. F'book defies even the slightest bit of f'ship protocols.

My account is probably in good need of a scrubbing. I have 1272 friends, but I made a "friend list" of the people I care to hear about... 227 people later, I came away clean. This way, I can only be online for those friends - and I don't have to defriend an entire world of possible "Daily Cracks O' Wisdom" readers.

I'm a shameless wench for readership.

Wildman said...

The nice thing about a virtual snub is that it only leaves virtual scars on the other person's ego. ;)

Now I know I'd better post something on your wall once in a while, or I'm history! Typically, I don't defriend unless they keep posting offensive material, because I am a stalker and like to keep up with people incase I run into them and need something to talk about....

Emily said...

I don't usually comment here, but the Facbook unfriending is something that I'm really sensitive about for some reason. It really hurts my feelings if someone unfriends me. I mean, if they knew me well enough to accept my friend request or to befriend me, then why go through the trouble of unfriending me. And it doesn't leave a "virtual" scar for really hurts, whether it should or not.

Mandy and Jack said...

I love the interesting comments I'm getting on this one! Really, I had no idea anybody even kept track of who is and isn't their friend on facebook. It's just such a fake little world to me. I mean, I like it, and it's amusing (and I appreciate it because it's gotten me back in contact with some very very close real friends), but it's never been more than that to me. I talk to probably about 15-20 people consistently on it, and I've got more than 600 "friends."