Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage

I'm not naive. I know the happiness is supposed to end sometime. You know, the actually wanting to be around each other. The butterflies, the laughing until you cry, the dates. Why else would there be so many jokes about how terrible marriage can be? I knew we would have to learn to live with each other without the "in love" feeling. The happiness would wear off.

So when we'd been married about 3 months, I braced myself. We're all settled in now, so the "newness" was wearing off. Maybe it would end then.

But instead I came home to find a super-nice little note from Jack that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Maybe the day-to-day stuff would get to us, and we would be upset that we made a gross mistake with our toothbrushes, and get into a fight. 

Instead, we laughed about that and the other little stupid things that happen to us.

And I'm sure the little romantic things end in the first six months, right?

Except they didn't.

Maybe when we buy the house, I thought. That's when we'd become unhappy. Financial problems are a big deal in marriage, and perhaps the strain of being responsible for a mortgage would do the trick.

Instead, we set up a plan to save our money and buy things a little at a time, reinforcing what I knew about Jack before we were married: he is an incredible head of our household and I feel completely taken care of knowing that he's in control of our finances. 

Okay, I knew what would do it. It's when we started fixing up the house together. Everybody says home repair and renovation will test any relationship. 

And maybe it would have while we peeled the seemingly endless wallpaper off our master bathroom wall... if we could have stopped laughing that we were singing so loudly and so badly to the radio that surely the neighbors would call the police soon.

Except that he didn't. A year had gone by, and he even went as far as rewarding that sort of behavior.

Getting super-busy with life might do it, I thought. Our house is a mess! I basically live out of laundry baskets full of clean clothes and our living room is cluttered with coupons to clip, bridal shower invites to respond to, and bills to pay. Surely now we'll feel the pressure of life and start getting on each others' nerves. 

But, for some reason, instead of that, we're whispering  to each other and giggling late in the night when we go to bed on the weekends, like kids at a sleepover. And we're getting up on Friday mornings off together and laughing until we cry as we wrestle around on the floor with Maggie in our pajamas. And he's saying things so funny that I have to pick up my phone and twitter them right then. And we are happy

For now.

But I know better. You can't fool me. Nobody stays this happy.


presentpossibilities said...

Yes they can :) You've already broken the old wives tale and proven otherwise!! I love you both!

Sarah D said...

P.S. This is the sweetest post ever.