Monday, June 1, 2009

"Not Me Monday" is back, baby!

Oh man, I'll bet you're excited. I can just hear the cheering. My floor just vibrated a little from all the people reading this who are simultaneously jumping up and down exuberantly.

That's right. "Not Me Monday" is back.

Now, to be fair, it's technically been back for a while now. MckMama, the creator of this blog carnival has been on the ball ever since she got home. I, however, have not.

So, without further rambling adieu...

The last time I did a "Not Me Monday" was not March 16. Wow. This is not because I've been out of town for the last four weekends!!

Okay, you Aggies will appreciate this one: Last night, when we were at dinner with Garrett and a bunch of his Corps of Cadet friends telling Corps stories, one of the Corps guys did not call Jack "Ol' Army!" I did not almost pass water through my nose from laughing so hard at this. I have not taken every possible opportunity to call Jack an "Old Ag" since then.

Last week, Angela did not walk in on me prettifying a card table because I was trying to take down a few birthday banners.

Speaking of Angela, when she got here, I did not have an Angela-friendly-food-free pantry (get all that?) and she did not just have to go hungry the first day she was here (she's allergic to sugar, dairy and gluten, and our food is not quite that healthy).

In true Mandy-fashion, it has not been weeks since I have done laundry.

I was not shocked this weekend at several graduation parties to hear that several in-real-life friends actually read this blog. Who knew? (Hi, Jared!)

Jack and I did not clear out most of the programs from our DVR this weekend, not by deleting things beacause they were taking up space, but by actually watching hours and hours of TV while sitting behind our laptops doing work/play. I am not simultaneously ashamed of this and happy we had the weekend to relax!

I did not watch the Taylor Swift Dateline special in awe and amazement and would not watch it again and again if given the opportunity. I do not have a giant, embarrassing girl-crush on her that everybody teases me about, and I am not out-of-my-mind excited about going to her concert in September.

I did not dig a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls out of the garbage when I found out a local church needed them for Vacation Bible School. Gross. I would never do that.

I did not almost have a melt-down when Twitter went down last week. I am not at all addicted to broadcasting my random thoughts for the Tworld.

I'm not becoming more terrified of Stacy and Clinton jumping out at me in public than an attacker the more I watch "What Not to Wear."

I'm not becoming bored with trying to think of the stupid things I have done in the last three months, so I'm not going to bed now.


Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Sometimes you just need those hours and hours of TV haha!