Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It started with Angie's blog. A recommended read in Google reader. I clicked over and was immediately hooked, reading the entire blog in one day, often left breathless by the way she told her story.

Then I saw a button. "Praying for MckMama," it said, and had a picture of a cute, curly-headed lady looking up at a camera, surrounded by her three small children. I clicked over to the blog, and this post was the first I ever read, which made me laugh until I cried. As soon as I finished reading, I shared the post on facebook with the caption "One of the most clever blog entries I've ever read." And so it was.

Welcome to MckMama's Not Me Monday. Home of the MckConfessions.


When my neighbor delivered a plate with two of her famous, glorious, amazing, best-in-the-history-of-the-world oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I absolutely did not eat both of them before Jack got home instead of saving one for him. I am always a super-considerate, non-gluttonous wife.

I am not about seventy-hundred days behind on actually clipping and organizing my coupons. It has not just become an intimidating venture that I no longer want to participate in. (Okay, that's not really true... coming soon: post about my super-awesome new coupon-organizer I made).

Jack and I did not put hair gel into the dog's hair to give her a mohawk before church on Sunday. That would be strange.

After Angela recommended "Two and a Half Men," we did not watch an episode of it, only to be surprised at how dirty that particular episode was! After that, we did not tease [sweet, innocent, pure] Angela about how she "likes the dirty shows" and "wants to corrupt us." We did not enjoy making her turn red and stutter. That would be mean.

Because we always know our limits, Jack and I did not schedule a 12-hour Sunday, starting with church, continuing with a Texas Ranger's game in the 95-degree heat, then on to the Dallas Summer Musicals' production of "The Wizard of Oz." We are not exhausted and insane.

If we had scheduled such a day, we would have found a way to shower between becoming completely soaked in sweat during the baseball game and getting all dressed up and going to a fancy musical. We did not simply "wipe down" with some wet paper towels in a restaurant bathroom and change into the nice clothes between the two events. We were not just plain disgusting, and coming home and showering was not both glorious and painful (see bottom of this post).

Speaking of the Ranger's game, Jack was not super-excited about making it onto Sports Center during a clip of a home run whose ball landed in the section next to ours.

See us? Jack's in the dark blue shirt on the right aisle, Owen's next to him in the white shirt and red hat, Sarah's in the light pink, and I'm next to her in red (but I think I'm being covered up by a guy who's standing up).

Also, being the super-perfect wife I am, I would never say "I told you so" to my husband for any reason. Even if I offered him sunscreen at the baseball game, he refused it, and ended up looking like this:

I still wouldn't say "I told you so."

(I actually did put on sunscreen and ended up pretty burned myself. Ouch!)

What did you not do this week?


presentpossibilities said...

OH WOW... poor Jack! (and you). Hey how come you didn't make a pic ;).

oh...and I'm NOT telling myself "I told you so." I told you so that Mandy would NOT post about your embarrassing moment which turned you red from the tip of your head down to below your collar line - NOPE. Didn't see that one coming ;)

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my...your poor husband. He looks like a lobster! But woo-hoo for makin' it onto TV! :)

Jacky said...

I know how bad sunburns hurt...poor Jack! =) Hopefully he's not that red anymore.

I commented with you as one of my favorite blogs over here:
I love reading about your "life by trial and error"! =) I just need to come by and comment more...