Monday, June 1, 2009

Time-saving tip of the day...which does not include actually reading this post

So, as much as I hate breaking the tradition of buying fruit, waiting for it to go bad in the back of my fridge, and throwing it away, I decided that today I would cut up a cantaloupe in hopes of actually... um... I don't know... eating it. I know. It's strange. But go with me on this.

I cut the cantaloupe in half and removed the seeds and thought "gosh, it might be easier to cut this thing up if I had one of those melon baller thingies." So I went to the drawer that would house the melon baller thingy if I had had one. I didn't. (Looking back, I'm not really why I thought I would have one. I've never used one, and I'm not quite sure what one looks like. But you never know. Maybe Jack would have had one at some point. Oh, no, that's right, he doesn't eat fruit anything remotely healthy.)

Anyway, I did find a couple ice cream scoopers.

I have this one ice cream scooper that I'm not really all that fond of because its "scoops" are actually just big flat chunks of ice cream (but I bought it because I thought it was the special one Jack wanted, but it turned out this was the one he wanted, and I'm not all that fond of that one either because it's handist.) Still following? Man, when this post started it was supposed to just be a picture and a few words.

Anyway, I found a use for the ice cream chunker. It was fabulous for de-shelling the cantaloupe! Usually it takes me a while to cut the outside off of the cantaloupe and it therefore isn't necessarily worth my time. Using this little tool, it took me only seconds!

It just took you way longer to read this post than it would have to de-shell-ify your cantaloupe. You. are. welcome.

Ps - At what point did I start taking pictures every time I did something innovative/remotely-innovative/not-innovative-at-all-but-I-thought-it-was-innovative, and think "I must blog about that?" Hm.

Pps - By the way, just because I cut it up does not mean I won't continue the tradition of letting it go bad in the back of my fridge and throwing it away. I don't want to make you think I might actually follow through with eating the thing. Don't worry, though. I'll keep you posted. I know, I know. You're all on the edge of your seats.

Update - No, I didn't eat any of the cantaloupe. I threw it away a few weeks later. So it's a good thing I didn't spend much time on it.


kris... said...

I never buy this stuff because it takes too long to cut it up. I may have to try this. I think I have a scooper that looks like that somewhere!

Sarah D said...

Good tip! I just bought an $.88 cantelope at the store this weekend...still haven't made a mess cutting it yet. Thanks for the inspiration. And, good call on not using a mellon ball thingy. That would take you forever...while it looks great and takes a while to do (what I call the "Martha Stewart Curse")...