Monday, July 27, 2009

The dress

Remember when I wrote about my crazy wedding planning moment beautiful dress here? Yeah, I was right. I did pick the right dress.

I decided to participate in Kelly's blog carnival this week because I realized I never really showed my dress off on the blog before. I mean, yeah, there were a few pictures, but let's relive it, shall we? I know you guys are just dying to relive my wedding, yes? That's what I thought.

My dress was Alfred Angelo style 1816, because originally I was dead-set against a strapless gown (everybody else was doing it, so I didn't want to). My main requirement was comfort - I refused to feel miserable on the happiest day of my life. This dress was nice and comfortable - not too heavy, not too tight, no crazy undergarments required.

But what I really fell in love with about this gown was the train.

The lace-only train looked beautiful on the bright green grass during my garden wedding. I loved it.

I realized it looked way better without the straps, so I ended up just cutting them off (gutsy, I know). At least that made my dress unlike anybody else's!

As much as I loved the dress, I'm not going to lie - I'm glad I'm done wearing it!


Jessica Latshaw said...

You look so beautiful! Did you preserve the dress? My mom did that for mine and now it's in this fancy box and I can't ever look at it without messing up whatever it is they did it to preserve it...

Mandy and Jack said...

I didn't yet, actually. I haven't even had it cleaned yet! It's still hanging in my closet! I guess I should do that, but it seems a little silly... I doubt my daughter will want to wear it (I took my mom's out of the perfectly-preserved box and tried it on when I got engaged, and that was a big fat NO, so why would my kid want to wear mine?) Decisions, decisions.

Mallory said...

That is gorgeous! (See I can leave comments on something than the tan post. haha)

I especially love the train. And the fact that you were wearing boots! Haha. You looked beautiful.

Mandy and Jack said...

Yeah, the boots were just for some of the bridal portraits - they were Jack's senior boots from the Corps at Texas A&M. For my actual wedding, I wore flip-flops for the ceremony and ballet slippers for the reception!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

That dress is so pretty!Love the boots pic.