Monday, July 13, 2009

Livin' the dream

When I stumble upon a new blog (new to me, not newly created), I love to read the first post they ever wrote. Especially if they have a lot of followers, because it really reveals something about who they are (or who they were before the ads) and why they are in this blog world of ours.

Funny story - Remember back when MckMama had some help from a reader for Dr. B's gift? Basically, her reader, Jessica, who is in the touring production of "A Chorus Line" got Jennifer an autographed poster of the cast to give Stellan's doctor, who loves the show. Pretty cool. 

We had tickets last night to the same production, so when I got there, I knew to look for Jessica in the cast. Since there was only one, I knew that it was Jessica Latshaw, playing the part of Kristine. I noticed that she had listed her website on the playbill, so while I waited, I visited the website and her blog on my phone. 

When I clicked on to her blog, I was shocked to find a post about her reaction to my friend Ellyn's very bad news and hard time. Woah. Small world.

So I left a comment on her post while I was waiting. As the lights dimmed, I hurriedly pressed "post," not sure if it would go through or not. After the show was over, I turned my phone back on, checked to see if it had indeed posted, and lo and behold, she had already commented back. 

And I was all "Woah! Look! She already commented back! During the show." And Jack was all "Wait, wasn't she on stage like, the whole time?" And thus began a ridiculous conversation about ways she could have pulled off commenting while on stage, sending us into fits of dorky laughter. Because it's who we are. Quit judging us.

All this to say, I found a new blog. And today, I read the first post. Which led me to the second and third posts, where I found this in her comment section (she wrote it in response to other peoples' comments):

"The other day, when I was at the bank I was talking with one of the tellers and it got around to me being in A Chorus Line--and he acted like I was a rock star; he told me how it wasn't every day that you get to meet someone really living their dream."

Is that true? It's not every day you get to meet someone really living their dream? I mean, it's true that it's not every day that you get to meet someone living that dream, but that's not everybody's dream, right? 

Jack's dream from 7 years old was to own his own taekwondo school. He's currently running one of the largest taekwondo schools in the country. When I was about that age, I was dreaming about producing Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey, and while I don't actually do that, I got pretty darn close.

It's funny - one of the themes in the show last night was "What would you do if you couldn't dance?" The characters all answered different ways. While my answer to that particular question is: "um, I already can't dance," given the question "what would you do if you couldn't be in broadcasting," I might have to answer the way the first character did: "I'd kill myself." Just kidding. But I honestly have no idea. I don't want to do anything else.

While nobody actually acts like I'm a rock star (except maybe my mom), I like to think I'm still living my dream. The job I've always wanted, the husband who makes me laugh until I cry, the dog who pees on the bed (oh and that's another post entirely... stupid dog) - okay, the urine on the bed is definitely not part of the dream. 

But the house, the friends, the work, the happiness, the opportunities, and the friend I call my husband...

That's the dream.


El said...

I agree with you. Everyone's dreams are different. Some people can't believe that my dream is to be raising my kids close together, getting to hang out with them all day, but that's always been my dream. =)

Shane said...
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Jessica Latshaw said...


That's the dream.

Sorry if I made it sound like being in ACL was the only dream--I know that isn't the end of my dream and that certainly isn't even a part of most dreams.

Your dream sounds beautiful, just beautiful.;-)

Mandy and Jack said...

Oh, no, Jessica, I wasn't bothered at all by your comment. I don't think you think that at all.

It was actually a commentary on the bank teller's comment to you - "It's not every day you get to meet someone living their dream."

Unfortunately, I think that may be way too true - most people hate work and live their lives kind of hating it. But hopefully, it is every day that you get to meet someone living their dream. :)

Jessica Latshaw said...


A wise man once said, "Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Here's to all of us finding purpose in every moment of our lives...