Sunday, July 12, 2009

The one in which I am pretentious

When I was growing up, my dad took me on "dates." It was his way of both spending time with me and teaching me how I was supposed to be treated on dates. Fabulous idea. Some of my best childhood memories were made on dates with Dad. I plan on having a girl for the sole reason of making Jack do the same with my kid.

Dad used to get season tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals every summer, and those would be our dates (that, and Tippins before each show). Little did I know at the time that that was freaking expensive! (Um, thanks, Dad! Seriously.)

I looked into it this season, and figured out that we could go to a few shows if we sat in the so-far-away-you-might-as-well-be-outside seats. Which is great! Don't think I don't feel blessed that we get to go at all. I do.

So I bought tickets to "RENT," "Fiddler on the Roof," "The Wizard of Oz," and "A Chorus Line." (But we didn't get to go to "Fiddler on the Roof" because we were in San Antonio that weekend. Waa.) It has been wonderful!


Part of the fun of going to musicals has always been dressing up. I mean, how often do you actually get to dress up? Maybe actually wear a dress? It's special! It adds to the ambiance. It adds to the experience.

When we arrived at "RENT," I noticed that a lot of people were in jeans, and sometimes even t-shirts and shorts, rather than dressy clothes. Okay, I thought, it's probably just because it's a younger crowd and this goes along with the feel of the musical.

Then, at "Wizard of Oz," I was disappointed to see more people in casual clothing. And again, tonight, at "A Chorus Line," even more people in shorts!

When we used to go when I was growing up, everybody was fancy. It was understood that if you're going to a musical, you dress up. What has changed? Do people just not care anymore?

So, this is me being pretentious. I think people should dress up for musicals. Same goes for symphonies, operas, and ballets.

And so ends pretty much the extent of my deep thoughts for the day. You are welcome, world.


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I agree, everything use to be way more dressy. People also use to dress up to go out to eat, and now people basically go to fine dining in workout clothes.

Tiffany said...

I agree! I enjoy dressing up for events like that.

I'm glad you and Jack are getting to go to musicals. They are so much fun! What a bummer you missed Fiddler--one of my favs!

(Also, did you know that the "post a comment" link is hidden on your blog? If you've clicked on it before, it changes to a color that matches the background, and you have to kinda scroll your mouse around to find the link. Just thought you might want to know.)

Greg said...

I disagree - I don't think people should be expected to dress up for much of anything. :)

(Tiffany - hit ctl+a to "select all" and you'll see the 'hidden text')

Jamie McLaughlin said...

I agree you should dress up. Not just for your own enjoyment but out of respect for the hard work the actors put into entertaining you. Dressing up is not that hard people. Don't be lazy.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yep, when I was little I remember going to a dinner theater that I considered very fancy and dressing up for it in one of my favorite outfits. Now, people can pretty much wear anything to the theater.

But there are still those who choose to put on their pearls and their heels (don't worry, they aren't JUST wearing pearls and heels!) and uphold the tradition of wearing your best to the theater...Thanks for dressing up to come to the show last night, btw!!!

Mandy and Jack said...

Um, yeah, the just pearls and heels look is a whole different kind of show!

Jacky said...

I agree! We go to plays because we get special discounts as a homeschool group, and I always try to wear something nice. Not super dressy, because it's usually in the morning, but at least a nice skirt/shirt/shoes. I see so many school groups there where the kids just wear grungy stuff...even my own sisters won't dress up! When I was younger, my mom made me...=)