Saturday, August 15, 2009

Behold! I have organized the pantry and laundry room closet!

Alternately titled: The reason your blog designs are not finished yet.

Kitchen pantry - Before Mid-organizing, when I realized I should take a "before" picture

Alternately titled "Honey, do we have any cereal?"


Laundry room closet - Before



Jessica said...

Great job!!! Drew is the organizer in our little family, which I don't mind at all. Thing is, when he starts a project, he goes ALL OUT and no stone is left unturned or out of place until he deems it finished.

Yay for things in their place!

Seancom said...

Um, could you do mine too?

Actually Laura just emailed me and said she is revelling in new pantry and linen closet neatness. Guess you have to get me out of the house to get it nice.

Mandy said...

Ha! Boys do that to a house. We're going to make a Bed Bath & Beyond run
tomorrow, and man am I excited about all the organizational goodness that
will happen as a result!!

Mandy said...

Wow! That's nice of Drew!
My pantry should even last a good week and a half until it's messed up

Angela said...

I love it I love it - it's all beautiful!