Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama.

It has not been a ridiculously long time since I have done a "Not Me! Monday." I am not doing this mostly for my cousin, who whined that I hadn't done one in a while. (Hi, Jennie!)

Jack and I did not spend this weekend mostly sitting on our butts, me blog designing, card-making, and letter painting, and him playing games on his computer.

One of the only times we got out, we did not buy this couch for Jack's office so we could have a second guest room. It was not a semi-impulse buy.

I did not offer up ten blog makeovers for a contest, and I have not been going crazy trying to get them all designed for everybody. It has not been really, really fun to give this many blogs away, and I'm not considering giving away more.

At no point this weekend did my husband consider licking a remote control.

We did not buy Klondike bars on sale this weekend, and I have not eaten four of them since we bought them. I do not spend all my waking hours thinking about the ones left in my freezer.

At no point this week did my dog lock me out of my own house (and certainly not twice!), urinate in my husband's truck, or steal chicken right off my dinner plate.

I did not finally figure out Statcounter enough to find out that two Google searches that led to my blog were "defriended in facebook hurts," and, my personal favorite: "tanning topless in my garden."

I definitely didn't discover I was wearing my shirt backwards in the middle of the work day last week.

Last week, we did not have a really disgusting smell in our house, leading us to believe that a mouse or rat had died in our walls.

It was not actually the many pounds of meat in our garage-freezer thawing out after the power having been out for several days. The fact that we really overbuy ice for parties did not save our butts in this situation.

We did not refreeze the meat that was still cold even though we knew it would lower the quality and put us at risk of food poisoning. (We do not have super-low food quality standards).

What did you not do this week?


Jessica said...

I do no try to pretend that I understand Japanese and answer questions in English when I really have NO IDEA WHAT THEY SAID IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Jacky said...

Oh how fun! I definitely did not decide to totally neglect Not Me Monday in favor of posting some cards I made. And I'm not proud of said cards. Of course. =


Julia Ladewski said...

love this not me post!!  on sunday, we were leaving for church and i had on my tank top that goes on under my button down shirt... and i forgot to put on my button down shirt.... luckily, i caught myself before we left! 

and thanks again for the rockin' blog makeover!!

Mandy said...

Ha! I've almost done that several times too!!

Mandy said...

Ha! Everything about your Japan blogs are reminding me of my time in China.
I SO did that too. AND sometimes I tried to sign to them (AMERICAN Sign'd think that'd give me a clue). Obviously, that was pretty
ineffective too. :)

Jen said...

I love seeing the google searches that lead to my blog!

This weekend I did not make up a drinking game at my husband's fraternity alumni meeting.

Or maybe I did, it's all a bit fuzzy.