Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In which I copy/paste a large portion of my Facebook profile into a blog post to entertain you and get out of writing a real entry

How is it that I haven't shared my Facebook quotes with you, Mr. Blog?

Well, for those of you who don't have access to my Facebook profile (which is most of you, because as you all know, I'm quite the Facebook snob ), enjoy.


"You just... you just... make me a better person!! Ahh I don't know how to explain it." -Jack

"He is all that is man. He killed Chuck Norris and received his double blessing. He added an extra hour to Jack Bauer's 24 hour day. He saved John McClane's life." -Nathan Didlake, about my husband

Richard: "Tivo it!"
Christine: "I can't - it's broken! We're watching this live - like animals!"
-The New Adventures of Old Christine

"Now we can say our country has security Gates." -Shane Crawford, after finding out that Dr. Gates would be the next U.S. Secretary of Defense.

"Well if that clip is how you work stoned maybe we should find you a pusher..." -Daddy

"The ears have walls" -Daddy

"That's the thing about travel - you go different places." -Daddy

Dad: "Do you know how much you have in your college account?"
Me: "Um...no."
Dad: "Ballpark?"
Me: "Nah...not enough to buy a ballpark"
Jack: "See what you raised? You made it hard on all of us."

"We're soulmates. When one hurts, the other hurts." -Jack's dad, talking about Jack's mom.

"You love one way: you love in spite. You love regardless. You love even though. Because you love Christ, you love her." -Chuck Swindoll

"I mostly don't listen when your dad talks." -Mom

"You should keep Jesus in your phone...and in your heart." -Paris

Me: "Who do I have to sleep with around here to get a 3-hole punch?"
Erin: "Me."
Me: [Thinks for a minute] "Yeah, I could do that. I really need a 3-hole punch."
Erin: "Okay, I'll send you a meeting request.

"I'm reversing the feminist movement. I'm going to start wearing two bras." -Me, to my Comm boys

"People think kids say the darndest things, but so would you if you had no education." -Eugene Mirman

"I just need to 'Horn'buckle up!" -Ashlyn (age 5), getting buckled into my car.

"When everyone else praises him for how much money he makes, praise him for his devotion to Jesus, and for how he treats you as a wife." -Kyle Easley, at our wedding

Jack: "If we break up, I want all the presents I gave you back."
Mandy: "What are you going to do with my diamond earings? Give them to your next girlfriend?"
Jack: "Yeah, I'm going to need the box back too."

John Mark (our pastor, giving his sermon one Sunday): "Sometimes you want another set of cards in life, and you wish you had a re-deal."
Jack (leaning over and whispering to me): "I don't want a new hand. I love the one I was delt."

"I'm crazy about you, and I want you to know that if I had the choice between hanging out with anyone in the entire world or sitting at home with you, eating pizza and watching a crappy TV show, I'd choose you every time." -JD, Scrubs

"It feels really cool! Actually... a lot like gas." -Isa, about feeling her baby kick

Erin (at work, at lunch): "Have you ever played the game 'warshers?'"
Everybody else: "WaRshers?" [Lots of laughing and teasing about saying "washers" with an "r"]
Donna: "What do you do with your clothes?"
Erin: "Oh, you keep them on!"


Jessica Latshaw said...

two bras, huh? In Texas? In Texas when it's August?

You go, girl.