Sunday, September 27, 2009

A magical way to reinforce a ridiculous girl-crush

We had back-row seats. And by "back-row," I mean "back-to-the-wall" back-row. See?

But we didn't care. We were in the same building as she was. We would actually see her soon. We didn't even care that the entire row in front of us (as well as 80% of the rest of the crowd) was filled exclusively with 12-year-old girls. She would be performing tonight. And we loved her. So we were excited.

And then, like magic, there she was. And she was everything we had ever dreamed she would be.

She had costumes. She had dancers. And, as we excitedly anticipated...

...she did a quick change into a sparkly dress onstage. And I wondered whether she ever worried about forgetting to put the sparkly dress on under the first costume. She was adorable.

And my favorite thing about her, of course, is how sweet she is to her many, many fans. During my favorite song ("Hey Stephen," if you must know), when she showed up in the middle of the audience at the back of the building (in the section right below ours - squee!), it didn't surprise me that she walked down right through the middle of the audience, hugging as many people as she could on her way to this little stage at the back of the arena, where she sang a few songs for the people in the back of the audience. Because she loves every one of us.

...and then, of course, she did it again on her way back to the front stage.

...She acted out my favorite songs just as I pictured them in my head...

And she head-banged that beautiful curly blond hair. A lot. Even while playing the piano.

She banged on trash cans in rhythmic and enthusiastic fashion.

She came back in a Mavs jersey for the encore, and brought back her opening acts to sing with her.

...and she brought a bunch of very excited little kids onstage with her, despite the fact that they had a hard time getting all of them off the stage after the song was over.

And of course, she went out with a bang. Actually, with a splash.

And she was everything we dreamed she would be.


Jess :) said...

I would have to AGREE with every single word of that!!!

TSwift is absolutely unbelievable in concert! I loved every minute of her on stage time, as know, when I saw her in MN!!

I just wish I could attend every one of her concerts. I could totally make a life out of doing that!! :)

So glad you had FUN!

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha--glad that you got to see Miss Swift in concert. She's awesome! And the pics are cool. And she's tall; tall girls rock:)