Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've always loved cemeteries.

I know it's weird. Some would even say it's morbid. But to me, cemeteries aren't a scary place (especially since I don't have anything to fear about death); they're a place of love.

Each grave-marker has a few words about who this person was, words written by loved ones who are trying to sum up their lives in the best way they know how. People come and place flowers on the graves of those they haven't forgotten. Every so often, you'll see somebody standing out there, or picnicking by one of these stones.

They haven't been forgotten.

The fact that somebody would come and place flowers (or, even better, plant flowers) at a place that doesn't mean much physically but signifies this person's place on Earth, is really sweet to me.

I realize it's something people do to grieve or cope, and that it doesn't make a difference to the dead person at all, but to love someone enough to waste your time and money on bringing a flower to their grave, well, that means something to me.

When Will died, I, like many others, was forced to face my own mortality and think about those who would be left behind when I go.

Would my funeral be packed like Will's was? Would they be sure that they would see me again? What stories would they tell about me? What am I leaving behind?

I hope they remember that I was always willing to share my scrapbooking supplies. I hope they remember me as witty and fun to be around. I hope they remember how much I loved the"close your eyes and hold out your hands" game. I hope they remember that I really did care about people. I hope they remember that I loved the ministry in which I worked. And I hope they remember that I loved my husband with every fiber of my being.

I hope I do something worth remembering.

But more importantly, I hope they remember that I loved Jesus Christ, and that for that reason, they will see me again someday if they have the same hope in Christ that I have. I hope they remember what He did for me.

I hope that I live my life so that when they remember me, they remember Him too.


Thena said...

Amen!! I visit cemetaries also. I do genealogy and I think it's neat to find the graves of my ancestors.