Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fall tour

It seems a little weird to put this video up now, but yesterday I made a video blog of our house all decorated for Fall. I guess it's a good thing I did, since Jack and I destroyed our guest bathroom today, and that's where the majority of the decorations were.


Jessica said...

First, is your house always so beautifully clean? It looks lovely...Also, your loveliest quote: "the dead stuff in a vase with some stone thingies." LOVE IT. 

And love all the fall things and how you and Jack welcome this fantastic season so enthusiastically!!!

Mandy said...

Thanks! I would love to tell you that my house is so fantastically clean,
but to be perfectly honest I had just cleaned it because some friends were
coming over right after. But we do keep it pretty clean at other times. Just
not THAT clean. And thank you!
We get pretty excited when we get to change up our decorations to welcome a
new season. Unfortunately, all those beautiful decorations from the bathroom
are gone now that Jack destroyed the bathroom this morning. I'm so bummed.

Shane said...

Everything was backwards.

Mandy said...

Yeah, evidently that's what the webcam does. Well, kind of. I guess I can
take that setting off but I didn't really know how.
On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 8:47 AM, Comments <

Michelle said...

I love the idea of doing the tour with the webcam! Great, I will steal your idea someday!