Sunday, October 11, 2009

If Sunday's supposed to be a "day of rest," I did it wrong

Today I...
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Cut all the bushes in the right half of my front yard down
  • Trimmed the tree
  • Swept front sidewalk and bagged all lawn clippings
  • Watched Cowboys win (and realized Jack will never, ever let me wear my Romo jersey again)
  • Blogged about the front yard
  • Went to Lowes and spent $220 of Jack's money on renovation-type things
  • Painted primer on the guest bathroom walls and ceiling
  • Vacuumed the living room and hall
  • Assembled a bookshelf
  • Completely rearranged the furniture in my office
  • Realized I missed a call from a lady at AWANA headquarters
  • Attempted to clean up from "cleaning" my office
So if you ordered a blog design from me and were wondering if I finished it this weekend? The answer is no. Sorry!


Jessica Latshaw said...

why won't Jack let you wear your Romo jersey anymore? What did he do? Er--Romo, not Jack, that is...

Mandy and Jack said...

Good question. Romo didn't do anything. I did. Every time I've worn my Romo jersey this season, they have lost. Every time I haven't, they have won. So obviously it's my fault we're losing. Right?