Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My husband is a good person

Jack thinks I need more "boy brags" posts.

I told him I write them every time I have material for them, and as soon as he provides more material, I will write another one.

He says I should write one now anyway, because he's a good person.

So here you are. My husband is a good person.


Keli said...

Men! They are so cute sometimes. Mostly when they are!

Hey, I saw that you gave Profoundly Seth a new blog design. I love it, great job. If I ever get any real traffic on my blog I will get it updated too. Have a great day.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

hahahahahahaha! "my husband is a good person", he sounds awfully demanding to me! I would have said the same thing to my husband, give me some material to write about! Tell me, does he get points for this or does he get them taken away? I think this would be a minus in my book... ;)

Jessica Latshaw said...

I am glad that his obvious goodness inspires posts like this;-) Here's to way more material in the days to come because he really IS a good person!

Christina said...

I hope your post was met with, "Gosh I have a good wife!" ;-)