Sunday, October 25, 2009

Orlando - Day 3 (Saturday)

Alternately titled: "Find the magic deep in your heart and chant 'I do believe dreams come true!'"

I met the girl of my dreams today.

Jack had to judge all day, which left time for Ellyn and I to meet up (and by "meet up" I mean "make her drive over an hour to my hotel with all of her children while I slept in.") and go play for a while before Jack could come meet us at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

After I got a text announcing her arrival (she sent it, in case there was any confusion about the existence of some texting service for anytime somebody arrived at our resort), I walked out into the parking lot to find a very flustered Ellyn with an apparently very blown-out diaper attached to a very cute baby. I offered to help, though I wasn't quite sure whether I would be able to figure out which end of a diaper goes up if she accepted the offer. She didn't, so instead I met and visited with Ava and Jace and left Ellyn to fend for herself with the diaper (after all, what are friends for?)

Jace hopped out of the car, clearly energized from the ride over, and began talking immediately.

"Guess what! My mommy has a baby in her tummy and we're going to name her ____!!"

Ellyn's and my eyes both got wide and I tried not to laugh as I told him I didn't think he was supposed to tell me that, since it was a secret. I felt bad for knowing when I shouldn't, but now that I do, I might as well say "nanny nanny boo boo, I know and you don't."

After a while of letting the kids play on the resort's beach/playground, we packed up and headed to the bus that took us to Magic Kingdom. I was shocked to learn that it's difficult to get on a bus with three children five and under and a huge stroller and a pregnant belly! So of course, I made the pregnant lady carry the huge stroller while I held and played with the adorable baby. Because really, helping pregnant women carry their many pieces of folded up stroller? Boooring. Blonde blue-eyed babies? Yes, please.

When we got to the park, it wasn't that crowded, but of course, that changed as the day got hotter. By the time Jack arrived at 4, the crowds were pretty thick and the sun was pretty intense, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the (mostly air-conditioned) rides.

On "It's a Small World," I was given the honorable responsibility to hold the red "timing" card while we were in line and hand it to the "cast member" at the front of the line before we got on the ride, so they could keep track of average wait time. Of course, since they handed it to me instead of, you know, somebody responsible, they didn't get their red timing card until after I had ridden the ride, therefore not getting an accurate wait time. So you're welcome, Disney, for my services. You let me know the next time you need them. I'm always willing to help.

I think it helps to have kids with you in the Magic Kingdom, since the shows/rides/everything about it are entirely too cheesy to enjoy through an adult's eyes. Also, the kid-rides are usually air conditioned. Also, ice cream. Also, parades and fireworks, and only one 4-year-old merchandise-related meltdown (those Disney sales people are pretty shameless with the kids - "Oh, what are you pointing at? You want this sword?" which prompts a "Oh yes! I do want that sword! I do I do I do!!!"). Actually, I think Jace's exact words were "Buuuuuuuuuuut I wannnnnnnt the swwwwwwoooooo-ho-ho-ho-ho-hooooooord!!!!!" And in his defense, it was 9 p.m., we had been running him around the park for eight hours, and the sword was pretty sweet.

There's not much more to say, other than to show you this:

...and wonder whether this woman cries a little every time she has to put this costume on.

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ha! I don't know if she does but I think I will cry a little bit for her. Sounds like you had a blast.