Sunday, October 25, 2009

Orlando - Day 4 (Sunday) - Part 1

I'm writing this on an airplane.

Not only am I writing this on an airplane, but I published the last one from the airplane. In the air. I heart technology. And wi-fly. (I wish I could take credit for that clever, clever play on words, but somebody actually wrote that on my wall on Facebook a minute ago. While I was on the plane. Wi-flying.)

Today was Epcot. Jack and I rose bright and early to get all our luggage packed and sent to the luggage storage area so that we could catch a bus to Epcot. We arrived just as it opened and therefore before it got hot and before people really started arriving, which meant comfort and love and joy and happiness.

We rode a few rides (and by "rides" I don't really mean roller coasters, because evidently Epcot is all about the virtual reality and the learning), and we also went back to "Honey I Shrunk the Audience," which I remembered fondly from childhood but is apparently totally lame now (and evidently cause for Jack to make fun of me for dragging him to it in the first place).

Anyway, the best part about Epcot was that we arrived during the International Food and Wine festival (alternately titled: pay lots of money for really small portions festival), which made us super-happy due to our very passionate love affair with food and wine (but mostly food). We pretty much spent the whole day walking and eating, walking and eating.

And then, just about an hour before we left, they arrived. All the idiots. There were hundreds and hundreds of idiots. I wish there was something nicer to call them, but there really isn't. They were dumb. Clearly not fit to be in public, and certainly not to reproduce, but alas, they had already passed their dumb genes on to their offspring.

Why, exactly, do people not understand that they shouldn't stop in the middle of the freaking sidewalk to talk in the middle of a large crowd of moving people? And why, exactly, do people form a blockade across the entire walkway when they're walking the slowest? And why, oh why, do the people with the most amount of body surface area use the least amount of material for clothing?

I could go on and on and rant about the dumb people, but these are questions I doubt I will ever have answers to.

Anyway, we left the park a little early to give ourselves some time to get to our shuttle to the airport (and by "shuttle" I mean the big bus that takes forever to get anywhere because read my lips people, DISNEY DOES NOT DO ANYTHING QUICKLY), but as it turned out, we timed it right when our bus came so we didn't have to wait as long as we thought.

So basically, we ended up at the airport 3 hours before we were supposed to leave. No big deal, we figured, we'd just go to Fox Sports Grill and watch the Cowboys game (Read: Jack watches the Cowboy's game while Mandy re-reads "The Notebook" for the fourth time).

Our flight was delayed two hours. And then? After we got onto the plane? They had to delay it again another half hour. Mechanical issues and what-not. So basically we have been at the airport/on the airplane for the last 7 hours and are still in the air. And now Jack's doing the sleepy thing where he dozes off and his head moves forward or when he finally has his head back his mouth opens and then he'll wake up and realize it's open and close it and I'm all "Awww my husband is cute, but he's going to be mad that I blogged that."

There is another story from today. With a video and everything. But I shall leave you with this picture, and if you want to make me happy, you can name it or guess what's going on. The story will come later, when I have enough bandwidth to upload the video to youtube and enough battery on my laptop to get me through another blog post.

What's happening here?/Name this photo!


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Supermans lesser known brother Lenny Kent?

Anonymous said...

ahaha I 100% agree with your stupid people pet peeves! If I am walking and decide to stop, I kinda slowly move to the side like you do whilst driving...move to the side! When your out in public and an entire family STOPS infront of you, you should be allowed to kick/push/punch them to the side so you can get around them! =)

Sorry i'm 3 months late on this comment.