Wednesday, October 7, 2009

People can't be trusted

I don't like to charge people ahead of time for their blog orders. Most designers do, but I don't. I want people to be super-happy with the test blog design before they commit to buying it.

I realize it's stupid. I realize I can easily put hours and hours of work into a design without any payment whatsoever. I realize that I've completely set myself up to get screwed.

But I want to believe in people.

And that's why during the last month, when two of my orders ceased communication with me right about the time it was time to pay, I made excuses for them.

Maybe they're out of town. Maybe she's just busy.

But then, she's still blogging on that beautiful new blog I built for her.

So now my excuse is that maybe my many emails and invoices have gone to her spam folder. I'm still hoping that she'll email me back with an excuse, any excuse, and then pay. Not because of the money (and not even because I paid quite a bit out of pocket for her illustrations from iStockPhoto), but because I believed in her.

And so I've been contemplating what to do in the future to protect myself from this. A down-payment from future clients? Maybe. Payment up front for an iStockPhoto image? Most definitely.

I can't believe in people after all.

But then I got something. Something that restored my hope.

The response to the email I sent to Shannon, the winner of the big blog makeover package for being a Survival Mode Parent volunteer. The response that said she was so excited to win, and could I just do her a favor and please please please not give it to her, and instead give it to another blogger who has a son who is fighting for his life?

The email that restored my hope in people. In women. In bloggers.

Call me naiive. Call me silly. Call me foolish.

But I will continue to believe in people.


Jessica said...

I like this story. A lot. Go Shannon! And go Mandy! for still believing in people. :)

Amanda said...

:) yay (for Shannon, not for the first lady)Maybe you should make people pay ahead of time, but if they don't like it, they first have to go to an insane asylum, because your designs are aweseome, and then they have to take your design off of the internet, and then you'll refund the money?