Thursday, November 12, 2009

Locked jaw

When I was about 5, I walking into the hall of my house, when all of the sudden my babysitter came tearing around the corner, running after her little brother, who was probably two at the time.


She ran right into me, and I felt my jaw snap with the impact of her body against mine as she almost knocked me over. And in case you were wondering? That's not good for a jaw. It has lasting effects.

Ever since then, my jaw has popped. And I have to pop it sometimes, just like you have to crack your knuckles sometimes. It used to really bother my friend, Emily, when I would do it in high school. So of course, I did it on purpose around her a lot. You know, since I'm nice like that.

Lately, though, my jaw has been getting worse. It's popping more than usual, like, um, any time I open or close my mouth or bite into anything. In fact, it's even started locking up sometimes, like when I take a big bite of food (motivation to be more lady-like, I guess) or yawn. It's not pleasant. At all. It hurts.

And oh, by the way, I sure do look cool when I can't close my mouth even if I try, so I just have to sit there with it open until it unlocks itself. Just picture that one for a minute. Yeah, glad I could be a source of amusement for you today.

Anyway, Jack and I were sitting in the living room tonight, talking about something, being silly, when I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out at him, just like the three-year-old I am.

"Be careful, your jaw's going to lock up if you do that too long," he warned. Then, his eyes lit up with amusement and he started laughing. "If you make that face at me, your face is literally going to freeze like that!"

And here I was, thinking Mom was lying all these years.


Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh no! Can you go see a doctor about your jaw? Isn't there something they can do for you--especially since it's hurting so much now? It just sucks to be in pain...

Keli said...

Mandy, I have that same problem with my jaw. Mine is caused from a lifetime of grinding my teeth in my sleep. When mine locks open I take both index fingers, put them on my bottom front teeth and pull down gently, that usually unlocks it immediately. I also wear a mouth guard at night so that my jaw joints can be in a relaxed position. Not sure if that would help with your problem or not. It helps me, but has not cured the problem.

Katie said...

i have all the same problems with my jaw, though I cannot think of a particular incident that would have caused it.
Once while getting a cavity filled at the dentist, my jaw did lock. It was scary and painful to "unlock" but thankfully I was at the dentist and he was able to snap it back.
i hate it!