Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

It's been another great year. Jack and I both have jobs. We have a house. The dog isn't always bad. We have pretty much the coolest blog ever. Okay, maybe not that last one, but it's still pretty fun. Here's what this year looked like for the Hornbuckles.

Most of this month was spent hanging out with friends and family, a lot of the time around our new dining room table. It was our first "grown-up" purchase, and I don't know how I lived without this table for so long. It's one of my best friends now. Anyway, we had fun "friend" activities all month, including visits from Angela, Brittany, Jack's parents, a bridal shower for my boss, Awana starting back up again, and, as pictured above, a game night with close friends. It was a good start to 2009.


We had a lot of activity this month as well. We had visits from Jack's Uncle Jack (the one after whom he was named) from Chicago, my mom and I went to a Mavs game, we got a visit from my brother from Boston, we went to College Station for Valentine's day, and we visited the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art with the Wildmans. But I chose this picture because this month Jack's school won "School of the Year" for Texas, which Jack got to accept at the Houston tournament (where he also won two firsts and a third) and I got to visit my friend Brittany while we were there as well.


This month was our one-year anniversary, and to my surprise, Jack took me back to the hotel where we spent our wedding night after a super-fancy dinner at Capital Grille. I also threw my friend a bee-themed baby shower this month (and she had her baby later in the month), turned 23, and went to Vegas with Jack for a national tournament.


Jack turned 30 this month, so I threw him a surprise birthday party. And surprised he was. We also went to Nacogdoches over Easter weekend, visited the JFK museum with the Wildmans, had a visit from Brittany, and went to a Point of Grace concert, started couponing (which has saved us hundreds of dollars this year), and celebrated the end of the Awana year.


This month was extremely eventful. Not only did I get to visit my brother in Boston and Angela in Austin (for her graduation!) but Jack and I spent a long weekend in San Antonio, where we stayed in a fancy hotel, took long drives to tiny towns around the area, visited historic San Antonio things (like the Alamo) and got drenched on a riverboat ride when it started pouring rain. We also got a visit from Angela, took my parents RENT for Mother's Day at the Dallas Summer Musicals, I tried to go to one of Jack's tournaments, I rode BikeMS until it got rained out, and we celebrated a few of our friends' graduations (Angela, Garrett, Jared, Matt, and Alicia).


This month, Jack and I went to Little Rock, Arkansas for world championships. Jack was ranked top ten in the world in forms and weapons again, and he had the opportunity to compete for world champion that weekend. Although he didn't come away with the title, he did win second in weapons on Sunday. Other notable events this month were the bridal showers and wedding of my friend Ashley, a George Strait concert at the new Cowboy's stadium with the Wildmans, a visit from Angela, a tornado, and a (super-ridiculously-hot) Ranger's game with the Wildmans, and we went to The Wizard of Oz at the Dallas Summer Musicals.


This picture is from our trip to College Station for Kyle and Michelle's wedding, where we got to see a bunch of Jack's buddies from the Corps in college. We also got to go see A Chorus Line at the Dallas Summer Musicals, got a visit from Jack's parents and Darlana, and I got to meet my new blog friend, Jessica, in person.


This month, a bunch of Jack's favorite students earned their black belts, an achievement two years in the making. Jack also won a first in weapons and third in forms at Texas's largest regional tournament, and we did quite a bit of house organization, including our pantry, laundry room, and Jack's office. My parents also bought me a new laptop, we bought a sleeper couch for Jack's office, I went to a Ranger's game with my mom, Women of Faith with some co-workers, and my friend Lindsey's bridal shower.


This month, I launched a non-profit organization called Survival Mode Parent. Within 10 days, more than 100 volunteers had signed up to help parents with kids in the hospital, and by the end of the year, almost 200 volunteers had signed up. It was an incredible response to a ministry that I wasn't sure would take off, but I'm hoping that I see God do amazing things with it in the years to come. Other notable September events were a trip to East Texas, Jack starting our bathroom remodel (a little early!), a Taylor Swift concert (squee!), welcoming a new baby cousin, and sadly, the death of my friend Will.


It was really difficult to pick just one photo this month, because along with our trip to Orlando, where Jack visited Disney World for the first time and won a first in weapons at Nationals and I met my blog-friend Ellyn in person for the first time, we worked super-hard on remodeling our guest bathroom (with Jack's dad's help, as always). I also received a check from a very generous donor for the amount that I needed to get Survival Mode Parent incorporated, got a visit from Angela, went to our friends' Earl and Kara's wedding, and enjoyed a game night with the Wildmans on Halloween.


We spent Thanksgiving weekend in East Texas with Jack's family, and as has become the tradition, we came home and decorated for Christmas the same weekend. Jack gets so excited about Christmas. I have to fight him from putting up the tree on Halloween weekend! Other notable November events: Almost finishing up our guest bathroom renovation, Jack's dad getting a kidney stone while visiting us, Jack competing and winning at the Coppell tournament, a game night with the Hocks and Wildmans, and the birth of two friends' babies - Kara Roberson and Evany McCall.


Jack and I spent Christmas with both of our entire families (minus my sister-in-law, who was spending Christmas with her family in Ft. Worth). It turned out to be a really nice Christmas. Jack and my brother, Shane, spent most of the Christmas break playing "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" together. We also spent the weekend before Christmas at Jack's family's house, where Jack gave me a "pre-Christmas" present: a Nikon D60 SLR, which is one of my favorite gifts ever. Also in December: a fancy Apple Color training session for me at work, a bunch of overtime on a video crew at the church, my work Christmas party, a fruit cake roll victory, and a non-profit expo where we distributed more information about Survival Mode Parent to the community.


That's pretty much it for us, at least this year. You can find many more pictures from our year on our picture-a-day (Project 365) blog, which really needs to be updated (but I do have the pictures for it!). And if you're interested, you can find the (much more succinct) 2008 year in review here.

As cliche as it is to say, it's hard to believe how quickly the time flew. Here's to an even better 2010!
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