Monday, December 7, 2009

Adding regions to SAWStudio tracks in batch from the library

This is going to be a really boring post, so bear with me here, regular readers who are looking for a hilarious marriage antidote.

After Googling "add multiple audio files to SAWStudio tracks" and "add regions to SAW Studio batch" and finding nothing, my co-worker showed me how to do this, but since I didn't find it anywhere else, I figured the internet machine could use this information. I mean, the 8 other people in the world that use SAWStudio could use this information.

Or maybe everybody already knows this.

Anyway, you can add multiple regions or audio files to tracks in SAW by opening the folder in your library, selecting the files you want (I selected all of them), and either pressing Ctl + Insert for linear placement (all of them on one track one after another) or Shift + Insert to place one region per track.

On my Mac (aluminum keyboard), I had to press the "clear" button on the number pad to disable the numbers and use Ctl + 0 or Shift + 0 as the alternative. Don't forget to press clear again to put the number pad back in action after you're done. Though I expect with so few people working with SAW in the first place, we may be the only people in the world running it on VMWare on a Mac.

You're welcome, internets.

Don't worry, regular readers - soon it'll be back to regularly scheduled programming about my battles with geckos, dog poop, and laundry.
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