Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas card 2009

So, remember last year's Christmas card? You know, the one I made myself with the color Christmas letter inside. I handmade all 80 of them, and by the end of it I kind of hated everybody I had to send them to.

Yeah, it's different this year.

This year, I designed them on the computer (with this kit) and had them printed. Then, I designed and wrote a little Christmas letter (using this kit), ran off black and white copies (oh, the horror!) and stuck them all in envelopes and called them good. Say what you want about the laziness, but at least I don't hate you all this year.

Also, I threw in Survival Mode Parent business cards. Because I'm okay with shameless plugs.

Speaking of shameless plugs, that card I was talking about last year is up for a vote for best card at Tip Junkie right now. Number six, if you can't find it.

And if you vote for me, I could win a blog makeover.

Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ahhh, irony.
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