Monday, December 14, 2009

Event(ful) crew

I try not to complain about being busy. It kind of drives me crazy when people whine that they're soooooo busy, and oh, my life is so important that I'm needed everywhere, but I'm miserable because I'm just so busy.

Because if I'm busy? It's really my own fault. It's because I've chosen to be busy (mostly because I'm learning that I have a limited ability to say "no" to people). So instead of telling you I've been busy, I will tell you that the last few weeks have been eventful. Very eventful.

Like, "working extra on weekdays and also for the last two weekends" eventful. On a video crew at the church for some choir concerts, where we wear fancy little headsets that let us make snarky comments to each other about the little kids who are singing badly.

I mean, we could use the headsets for that. Not that we would.


Evidently, something about being dressed all in black and looking quite busy with a super-fancy HD camera just screams "TALK TO ME! I'm really quite friendly!"

Which I am most of the time, by the way. Friendly. My friends at work make fun of me because I say "hi" to everyone. Maintenance workers, random other people who work in the building, the guy enjoying his coffee at Starbucks who looks up when I walk in. Evidently that's weird.

But that's neither here nor there.

The point is, people see a video crew girl and think it's a good idea to talk to her.

You have the people who ask you if it's okay if they can sit in the seats in front of you, or the ones who think you are, in fact, an usher, and ask you how long the concert will be and whether there will be an intermission, and you have several who come up to you and point at the camera and say "don't forget to take the lens cap off!" Because, OMG ha! Ha ha ha ha! It's so funny that I'd be bad enough at my job that I wouldn't realize that the lens cap was still on! Hilarious, random man. Hilarious.

And then you have the awkward ones.

The one who sat on the end nearest to your camera and mumbled something to you about probably needing to be able to get up and go to the bathroom a few times during the show. And you smile politely and say "okay, I'm sure that won't be a problem." And then he kind of blurts out that he's a heart patient and that he just drank a whole bottle of water, and you wonder what being a heart patient has to do with drinking a bottle of water but you don't want to be rude so you nod and smile politely again and pretend to adjust a camera setting and hope you won't have to recesitate anybody tonight because you are so underqualified for that.

And the usher, the really nice one who's aged somewhere between your dad and your grandfather, who seems to have decided to befriend you and keeps coming by to chat every time he seats someone near you. And during a lull he comes by and actually grabs you by the arm (in a sweet, grandfatherly kind of way but also in a invading-your-personal-space kind of way) and tells you to read the pin on his jacket.

"Um, what?" you ask.

"What does my pin say?" he asks again, pointing to his lapel. "Read it out loud."

You look down at the pin, and it has three letters on it. "I Y Q."

"Um..." you hesitate, deciding that the pin probably isn't a trap to get you to say something dirty since you're in a church and all. "I... Y... Q?"

He smiles.

"I wike you too!" he responds, beaming at his little joke and the fact that you fell for it.

And you laugh politely at his little joke. Because that's what friendly people do.
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