Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You know how you were just so busy patting yourself on the back about getting all your Christmas shopping done so early online that you put off buying the stuff for your husband's stocking until 3 days before Christmas?

And you know how you thought you'd take, like, 20 minutes at Wal-Mart during lunch and pick up a few things you know he'd like there?

And then it takes WAY longer than 20 minutes because the place is a circus, obviously, because it's 3 days before Christmas and all.

And then when you're standing in line, and the lady in line behind you is standing so freaking close to you that you think that she should really buy you dinner so you can get to know one another a little first, except that you don't want to get to know her because she's screaming at her kid like a loon?

Oh, and that kid is like, running around like a monkey and coughing like a professional smoker and putting his disgusting little hands all over your merchandise you have on the conveyer belt because news flash: just standing there and screaming at your kid into a stranger's ear doesn't help him behave?

And you're thinking I've never punched a kid in the face before. It's probably not wise to start now.

Yeah, me either.
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