Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why you love Eric

My boss's name is Eric. Together, Eric and I solve terribly boring (to you) technical audio problems. Eric's a nice guy. He has three perfectly-behaved little kids, a love of all things Christmas (especially the music), a beautifully decorated new house, and the most fabulous wife ever. You would like Eric. Actually, in a minute, you're really going to like Eric.

A while ago, Eric went on a hunt to find a special Christmas present for me. Something I'd been looking for for a year and couldn't find. He found it on eBay, ordered it, and awaited its arrival. When it didn't come, he checked the address. It had been sent to his old house. And then it had been returned to sender.

He contacted the eBay seller and begged him to send it to his correct address. A few weeks later, the seller got it back and sent it along to Eric's correct address. Finally, Eric had my special present ready for Christmas!

In the meantime, Target began marketing an exclusive-to-Target CD. At the store one day, Jack walked by said CD and stopped in his tracks. It was the kind of CD you don't think about. It was the kind of CD you buy for Mandy no matter whether you know if she wanted it or not, because trust me, she will want it.

And he brought it home. And he was right. I had wanted it. For a year. And I hadn't been able to find it anywhere.

Fast forward to our work Christmas party. We always do a white elephant gift exchange, and this year I decided that this Christmas CD would be the best gift for said gift exchange. Because, really, how could anyone not want this!? 

So I went and bought another copy of the Taylor Swift Christmas CD and wrapped it up. When Donna opened it she didn't look quite as excited as I would have been, but that's okay, because surely it would get stolen over and over, because she's, like, the best artist ever!

It didn't. Oh, the horror.

But that was okay, because I figured if Donna didn't like it, she could just put it in Eric's huge Christmas music collection that he brings to work every November to share. Everybody wins!

When Eric saw the CD, he nonchalantly asked me whether I had the CD as well, and I said that yes, actually, Jack bought it for me a few days ago.

Evidently that was a sad answer. Because as you probably have guessed by now, that was the CD he had searched high and low for and found on eBay when you couldn't find it anywhere and it had only been released for NBC the year before.

And, of course, now Eric already had the Taylor Swift Christmas CD in his Christmas collection, because Donna had given hers to him.

This was a really long way of saying I have an extra Taylor Swift Christmas CD, and Eric wants me to give it away to one of you. Because he's nice like that.


Here's how to enter (there are 5 possible opportunities):

  1. Your first comment must be a) a poem about Eric, b) an acrostic using the name "Eric," c) a clever narrative (fictional or not) about somebody named Eric, or d) if you're lame, just anything nice about Eric. This is a required first entry.
  2. If you know what Snowflake Adoption is, leave another comment.
  3. If you know what Survival Mode Parent is, leave another comment.
  4. If you donate food or money or coats to a food shelter or an organization that provides food/coats for the hungry/homeless this season, leave another comment.
  5. If you nominated somebody for a blog makeover on this post, leave another comment.
I'll probably random draw a winner on December 25, but I reserve the right to pick somebody who has entered all 5 times and has a first entry that made me laugh a lot.

Merry Swiftmas!!
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